Trois Bouffons was formed in 2007 in an effort to preserve French Canadian music, community dance and storytelling.  The word "Bouffon," dates back to medieval France when jesters entertained the king and his court.  After the fall of the monarchy, the "Bouffon" became a "busker" or "street performer."  In French Canada, the word is most closely associated with interactive street performers, Quebecois vaudeville and the veillée, or "social gathering" for which entertainers were hired to perform for communities.  The veillée performance could last an entire weekend, playing four hours each night!

Trois Bouffons has expanded their repertoire to include children's performances for libraries and schools.  Most requests for these kinds of performances are built around a theme.  Let us design a program for you!  

Rates start at $300.00 for libraries in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties in an effort to promote community and reading.  For festivals, reenactments, Music in the Park, and museums, rates start at $450.00 depending on length of performance time and distance traveled.  For engagements requiring an  overnight stay, accommodations are appreciated.

Music from French Canada and Beyond!

Michigan History for Kids 

Trois Bouffons has a photo in the May/June issue of Michigan History for Kids (2016).  The article titled, "Entertaining Michigan," was written by Trois Bouffon's own Genot Picor. is written by Trois Bouffon's own Genot Picor.

Video of Trois Bouffons at the Detroit Historical Society 2014 

We just discovered a video highlighting our program for French Heritage Days at the Detroit Historical Society (2014). Are you considering hiring Trois Bouffons?  This will give you an idea of our performance and how we can involve the audience if you wish.  Simply copy and paste this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv5Wq7iledA

Our Newest CD: From the Delta to the North Country 

Our new CD is now available! You'll hear 16 songs that pay homage to the cultural history of a region spanning from New Orleans to French Canada. The video at the top of our page is Shenandoah as it is being recorded for this CD!  For a copy, please send a check for $12.54 to: Gene Picor, 30717 Lund Ave., Warren, MI, 48093. They are $10 per CD. The $2.54 is for shipping.  Thanks!.

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Previous events


48th Annual Tin Whistle Concert

University Presbyterian Church, 1385 South Adams road, Rochester Hills, MI

This years concert will include Trois Bouffons (with fiddler Trae McMaken) and the Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers. The sampler acts will include Larry Miller and friends and also The Paint Creek Mandolin Circle. https://www.facebook.com/events/university-presbyterian-church/48th-annual-tin-whistle-concert/2484365461777589/